TSS & RVK Telescopic Stair Connectors


Traditionally, precast slabs such as stair landings used to be supported by a steel angle bolted to the wall. Installation was slow, required high degrees of accuracy, tied up the crane with costly hook- time and could only be used on straight walls.

The TSS and RVK range of connectors was developed specifically to address these and other needs.

The Architect gains a smooth obstacle-free soffit with no supports on show

The Engineer gains a robust, simple and efficient connection, which can also be used to satisfy robustness

The Insitu Contractor does not need to incorporate connections into the wall requiring tight tolerance

The Precaster keeps control of the connection within the factory, with no need for specialist operations on site

The Main Contractor gains reduced crane hook-time requirements, and rapid provision of access stairs


UK Regulations require that all precast floor and stair elements are anchored to the main structure to provide robustness in the event of an incident. Traditionally this involved dowels or other mechanical connections into the walls, meaning more work and cost on site.

Recent techniques developed by Invisible Connections Ltd now mean that TSS and RVK telescopic connectors can normally provide this anchorage without the need for any other connections. Where the layout allows, a simple repositioning of the connector may be the answer (usually providing a ‘zero cost’ solution). In this case, the connectors are designed to work laterally in addition to carrying the vertical loads. Alternatively, where the layout dictates, specially modified RVK connectors can also provide axial anchorage, despite comprising sliding elements.




Please note that ‘sound insulation’ as depicted in the animation and video is available as an optional extra and is not part of the standard TSS or RVK product used in the UK.

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