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Our unobtrusive connection systems contribute to a safer, time and cost-efficient construction site, enabling high speed installation and reductions in waste.

TSS / RVK / DTS and BSF telescopic connectors solve two key construction applications: ‘invisible’ connections for precast staircase construction and ‘invisible’ connections for precast beam construction. REDiBOX is the permanent recess former (for walls) into which telescopic stair connectors are deployed. FERBOX provides structural continuity typically between walls and floors, primarily cast in situ (or can also be precast to in situ).

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As specialists in precast concrete car park construction, we use telescopic connectors for many key applications. Particularly, the BSF system helps us to construct a ‘modern’ frame without cumbersome corbel supports and enables rapid assembly on site. The technical back-up provided by Invisible Connections provides us with added reassurance.

Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd