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Our unobtrusive connection systems contribute to a safer, time and cost-efficient construction site, enabling high speed installation and reductions in waste.

TSS / RVK / DTS and BSF telescopic connectors solve two key construction applications: ‘invisible’ connections for precast staircase construction and ‘invisible’ connections for precast beam construction. REDiBOX is the permanent recess former (for walls) into which telescopic stair connectors are deployed. FERBOX provides structural continuity typically between walls and floors, primarily cast in situ (or can also be precast to in situ).

Product applications

TSS and RVK Telescopic Stair Connectors

Primarily intended for invisibly connecting precast stair landings to walls (precast or in situ) these versatile connectors also have other potential applications.

DTS and BSF Telescopic Beam Connectors

Medium and heavy-duty connectors designed to invisibly support and connect beams to columns, or beams to beams, without traditional and unsightly corbels or bracketry.

FERBOX Reinforcement Continuity System

FERBOX maintains structural continuity across concrete construction joints. CARES approved and purpose-made to replicate scheduled reinforcement design, including EC2 anchorage and lap requirements.


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If you would like to discuss your specific project requirements, please contact us for technical advice without obligation.

Thank you for sending the calculations and installation advice. The new calculation software looks great. Very clear, user friendly and with more design checks then the previous version. It’s a pleasure to see how you are constantly improving.

Stefan Pauceanu, Senior Structural Engineer, Ground Construction Ltd 
Stefan Pauceanu, Senior Structural Engineer, Ground Construction Ltd

We hadn’t typically gone the ‘specials’ route before. But, by investing a little upfront time to schedule our FERBOX requirements, we gained a smooth supply and installation process – without wastage or complication – and exceeded the programme demands of our slip-formed cores.

Adrian Paul, Project Manager, O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) Ltd 
Adrian Paul, Project Manager, O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) Ltd

Telescopic connectors provide us numerous advantages for precast stair installation. Apart from improved time and efficiency, the health and safety gains over traditional support methods are a key driver to satisfy our own needs, as well as those of our clients.

Shane Dunleavy, Project Manager, Morrisroe 
Shane Dunleavy, Project Manager, Morrisroe

Invisible Connections are an outstanding company to work with. Between Ross in sales and Derek on the technical side of things, iC have an offering which the rest of the market would do well to get close to. I can’t credit these two individuals enough for the support they have given me for both standard and bespoke FERBOX connections – some rather more complex than others!

Iain Harding, Project Manager, Keltbray Structures 
Iain Harding, Project Manager, Keltbray Structures

As specialists in precast concrete car park construction, we use telescopic connectors for many key applications. Particularly, the BSF system helps us to construct a ‘modern’ frame without cumbersome corbel supports and enables rapid assembly on site. The technical back-up provided by Invisible Connections provides us with added reassurance.

Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd 
Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd

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Our operational response to the Coronavirus
Following a period of shutdown, we resumed our FERBOX manufacturing operation on Monday 27th April.

To enable social distancing in the workplace, and to accommodate a period of uncertain demand, we are now operating in small alternating teams. Some of our staff will be furloughed until we can be confident that demand is sufficiently restored. Therefore, please anticipate occasionally longer FERBOX lead times whilst we adjust to new safe working arrangements.

To be clear, our business is fully functional, albeit with some reduced capacity. As usual, lead times for bespoke FERBOX arrangements will be offered on an individual enquiry basis. We can otherwise despatch stock items, particularly our range of Telescopic Connectors and accessories, on a next-day basis.

We’re doing all we sensibly can to ensure the wellbeing of our own staff whilst maintaining what we hope will be an adequate service level to our customers. Please stay safe everybody!
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