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Stair and landing connections
TSS Telescopic Connectors
TSS 41 (standard version)
TSS 101 (standard version)
TSS 81-30 (pinned version)
TSS 102 (acoustic version)
RVK Telescopic Connectors
RVK 101 (standard version)
RVK 101-30 (pinned version)
RVK 101-30-E20 (extended version)
Permanent Recess Former
REDiBOX PRF-STD (standard version)
REDiBOX PRF-PIN (pinned version) REDiBOX PRF-PIN (pinned version)
Retrofit Accessories
Pin Linkage Unit (for pinned applications)
Extension Piece (for pinned applications)
Stair flight connections
TSS Fixed Connectors
TSS 20 FA-R (standard version) In development
Structural frame connections
DTS Telescopic Connectors
DTF 120 (standard version)
DTF 150 (standard version)
DTS 120 (standard version)
DTS 150 (standard version)
BSF Telescopic Connectors
BSF 225 BB
BSF 300 BB
BSF 450 BB
BSF 700 BB
BSF 1100 BB
BSF 225 BC
BSF 300 BC
BSF 450 BC
BSF 700 BC
BSF 1100 BC
Reinforcement continuity system
Standard (off-the-shelf) FERBOX reinforcement continuity strip
Specials (custom) FERBOX reinforcement continuity strip
Straightening Tool

We hadn’t typically gone the ‘specials’ route before. But, by investing a little upfront time to schedule our FERBOX requirements, we gained a smooth supply and installation process - without wastage or complication - and exceeded the programme demands of our slip-formed cores.

Adrian Paul, Project Manager, O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) Ltd