Ali Solki

We were thinking how we could give the architect what they wanted: a finished landing with a shadow gap all around. We used the telescopic connection system from Invisible Connections, which made it a lot easier, both to install the wall recesses and to install the...

Matthew Bialecki

We have completed installation of our stairs in both cores, using TSS connectors. Everything went smoothly, quickly and easily. The new anti-uplift brackets have done the job perfectly.

Paul Dean

I’ve used your services on my last three projects (telescopic connectors for precast and continuity strip for in-situ). You’re very good at accommodating site demands for lead-in times and value competitiveness. Very happy with the service I’ve received on all three...

Stefan Pauceanu

Thank you for sending the calculations and installation advice. The new calculation software looks great. Very clear, user friendly and with more design checks than the previous version. It’s a pleasure to see how you are constantly improving.

Peter Crofts

As specialists in precast concrete car park construction, we use telescopic connectors for many key applications. Particularly, the BSF system helps us to construct a ‘modern’ frame without cumbersome corbel supports and enables rapid assembly on site. The technical...