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Norwegian Trade Partner Embraces UK Brand

Invisible Connections Ltd is pleased to announce that Norwegian trade partner, SB Produksjon AS, has changed its formal trading name to ‘Invisible Connections AS’.

PHOTO: Norwegian founder and owner, Svein Berg (left) and Invisible Connections UK Managing Director, Derek Brown, cutting the ribbon to reveal their new country-aligned branding strategy

On the 1st of July 2016, Invisible Connections in Norway changed its formal trading name from ‘SB Produksjon AS’ to ‘Invisible Connections AS’. This brings operations and marketing much closer together with activities already established at Invisible Connections in the United Kingdom.

Invisible Connections AS is the key supply partner of telescopic connectors for Invisible Connections in the UK. The patented solutions have become more sought after in the European construction industry due to positive feedback from architects and contractors.

CEO of Invisible Connections AS, Svein Berg, said:

“To date, most of our efforts have been purely focused on our innovative technology and have been less concerned with proactive marketing and sales. This is now something we are keen to progress and we see the rebrand as a positive step and a key stage in our developing our business plan.

The name change marks an evolutional shift from a traditional 30-year old mechanical company to a modern, innovative business in the construction industry. It also increases our reach and introduces the products to a broader audience, as the products have received European Technical Approval.’’

The rebrand mirrors the operational and marketing initiatives established within Invisible Connections in the UK. Derek Brown, UK Managing Director, believes that the aligned Norwegian and UK companies have great synergy due to both having innovative engineered solutions, and because the products provide numerous benefits for specifiers and customers.

Derek Brown, Managing Director, Invisible Connections UK, said:

‘’We’re delighted we can now clearly demonstrate our aligned marketing strategy. Although the history of the telescopic connectors range dates back some three decades, the more recent evolution towards structures combining in-situ as well as precast concrete means that our products are in ever-increasing demand, due to their numerous advantages (health and safety, speed, aesthetics and cost). The alignment of marketing strategy between Norway and the UK will be clearly aimed at bringing these advantages to the notice of all who benefit – from the client and architect down.’’

Marketing Manager, Espen Lundman Solberg, said:

“More and more, we recognise that it is vital for us to be working with specifiers from an early stage, preferably at architectural and design level. We want to showcase that our product solutions do not only provide savings, but also allow a much more elegant design.”

PHOTO: The Invisible Connections factory site, nestled between the spectacular mountains and fjords of Andalsnes, Norway





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