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The best way to find out how well we’re servicing our customers is to occasionally ask them!

Without customer feedback, we could be deluding ourselves that everything’s hunky dory, so we’d really like to know if we’re hitting or missing the spot. Feedback, whether good, bad or indifferent, gives us the chance to consider our performance and make improvements where required. We’d really appreciate it if you’d give us just three minutes of your time to complete the form below or download it and email to [email protected]. Thank you.

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As specialists in precast concrete car park construction, we use telescopic connectors for many key applications. Particularly, the BSF system helps us to construct a ‘modern’ frame without cumbersome corbel supports and enables rapid assembly on site. The technical back-up provided by Invisible Connections provides us with added reassurance.

Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd

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