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We are exhibiting at the Tall Buildings Conference in London

Tall buildings present unique challenges in terms of both design and construction. Their sheer scale demands that particular attention is paid simultaneously to strategic and detailed issues.

The Tall Buildings Conference is intended to assist engineers in understanding the common challenges associated with transferring standard engineering principles and knowledge from low-rise structures to tall buildings.

This event highlights design and building technology innovation in the UK high-rise sector and provides an opportunity to gain insight and network with those who are shaping the future by using revolutionary engineering.

The Tall Buildings Conference aims to facilitate learning and knowledge transfer and provide a platform for discussion and debate. City developers, investors, local authorities, architects, engineers and contractors are expected to attend.

Invisible Connections will be showcasing our range of telescopic connectors.

TSS and RVK telescopic stair connectors were primarily designed to offer an aesthetic solution to support precast concrete stair landings off core walls without the need for unsightly bracketry. Our telescopic connection method also results in reduced waste, cranage and noise as well as increased safety, robustness, speed and efficiency. A recent study found that TSS and RVK connectors deliver significantly reduced costs and labour requirements than traditional support methods:

  • Cost savings of one third (33%) and one fifth (20%) man hours than rolled steel angles (RSAs)
  • Robustness anchorage is inherent to telescopic connector design layout, with no need for supplementary measures and expenditure typical of RSAs.

To join us at the event, book your place at the Tall Buildings Conference.

To find out more about how TSS and RVK stair landing telescopic connectors can help your construction project, please contact us.





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