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Kingston University Town House wins 2021 RIBA Stirling Prize

Invisible Connections’ high load BSF BC and BB connectors were used to join beams to columns, and beams to beams at multiple locations in the colonnade of Kingston Town House, this year’s prestigious Stirling Prize winner.

Town House is a £50m teaching building which provides Kingston upon Thames with a vibrant, elegant and inspiring landmark. Space and natural light are maximised throughout.

Kingston Town House exterior

Kingston Town House interior

Environmental, aesthetic and commercial reasons determine winning precast solution

A precast concrete structural frame was decided on early in the project for environmental, aesthetic and commercial reasons. Adopting offsite construction methods also alleviated challenges of the urban site location.

Ian Edwards, director of delivery at Willmott Dixon explains:

‘The precast concrete frame is integral to Town House’s design. Exposed concrete runs throughout the entirety of the building and there are no surface fixings meaning it is open to close scrutiny. Perfection was paramount – there was no room for blemishes or air pockets, which would have impacted on the sleek finish’

The scheme achieved BREEAM Excellent in design, with embodied carbon reduced through structural efficiencies.

Kingston Town House precast concrete frame detail

Concrete frame detail showing location of BSF connectors

High load BSF connectors offer multiple benefits for precast construction

By eliminating the requirement for corbels, BSF telescopic connectors enable clean architectural lines to be achieved, and space to be maximised.

Advantages of choosing BSF connectors instead of traditional corbels include:

  • Provides an invisible means of connection, enabling the architect to achieve their desired finish;
  • Can result in thinner, shorter and less complex columns, reducing material usage and embodied carbon;
  • Simplifies column detailing, manufacture and transportation;
  • Connects beams to beams, or beams to columns, and can accommodate round columns or skewed angle connections.
BSF BB and BC connectors

BSF BB and BSF BC connectors

For more information about how BSF connectors were used at Town House, Kingston, please have a look at our Case Study.

If you’d like to learn more about how our range of telescopic connectors can be used to connect precast concrete elements such as landings to walls, or beams to columns, please arrange a webinar.

To discuss a specific project requirement, please contact us.





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