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REDiBOX Permanent Recess Formers: New product release

Invisible Connections is pleased to announce its latest product development; the REDiBOX permanent recess former, for use with RVK and TSS telescopic stair connectors.

Following substantial research and investment, the REDiBOX PRF-STD (standard version) replaces our traditional standard recess former and provides the following benefits:

  • Fully sealed unit prevents ingress of concrete to ensure a clean recess.
  • Face-plate is sealed with breakable rivets which prevent risk of box detachment during concrete pour.
  • Integral and strengthened fixing lugs provide option to wire REDiBOX to wall reinforcement.
  • Smooth surface of HDPE face-plate is more suited for bonding (with adhesive) to twin-wall moulds in precast factory.
  • Stock availability is much improved by removing limitations of traditional fabrication processes.
It’s red but it’s green

The high strength monocoque structure of REDiBOX means there’s no need for the traditional polystyrene infill block – saving the task of its removal and saving the environment by preventing disposal to landfill.

REDiBOX is manufactured entirely from recyclable HDPE. The environment benefits from recycling of the face-plate and the long-term recyclability of the box component (meeting ‘design to demolition’ requirements).

Drawings and site setting-out

For customers who may currently be working to drawings of the outgoing recess formers, please be assured that dimensional differences are very minimal and REDiBOX can be set-out just the same, without risk of misalignment. For new projects, CAD-blocks are available to designers for accurate product depiction on drawings.

REDiBOX PIN version – coming soon

As with our traditional permanent recess formers, the REDiBOX will be offered in two versions; STD and PIN. The PIN version suits applications where the telescopic connector needs to be ‘tied’ to the wall (where the connector layout arrangement dictates the need for a pinned connection to satisfy robustness requirements). REDiBOX PRF-PIN version is in advanced development and we anticipate it being available early 2019.

Unchanged pricing

The new and improved REDiBOX PRF-STD will be supplied without price change. The REDiBOX PRF-PIN version is in development at time of this announcement, so price cannot yet be confirmed, although we anticipate no change.

New accessories

To benefit installers, we will also be offering newly designed HDPE shims for levelling telescopic connectors and foam ‘backer rod’ for sealing localised airgaps (between landings and walls) prior to grouting operations. Please contact us for further details.

Download the announcement in full or view REDiBOX product information.





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