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We’ll be at MPA Precast and Masonry Expo 2024

Invisible Connections will be introducing new additions to our family of telescopic connectors and REDiBOX recess formers, at the MPA Precast and Masonry Expo 2024.

The MPA’s annual networking event for the precast concrete industry includes an exhibition, conference and an engaging industry speaker programme. For 2024, thought-provoking seminar topics include exploring the brand-new UK Concrete Sustainability Strategy Framework, Resilience in an Uncertain Climatic Future; Enabling Decarbonisation and Achieving Future Homes Standard. Event information and registration is available here.

Meet our engineers and our new products

Our engineers will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss application of our innovative telescopic connectors for supporting precast elements, and to share thoughts on modern methods of construction.

This year, we’re delighted to introduce new products and product enhancements which are designed to make installation of precast stair landings even quicker, easier and cost-effective, and deliver further programme efficiencies for concrete frame contractors.
Installation of precast stair landings using telescopic connectors and REDiBOX recess formers.

Installation of precast stair landings using telescopic connectors and REDiBOX recess formers.

No need to shim
Our new RVK 101 JCK and TSS 101 JCK Precast Concrete Stair Landing Connectors enable frame contractors to level precast landings without shimming. Both ‘JCK’ variants are designed to work in combination with the new REDiBOX PRF JCK Concrete Wall Permanent Recess Former, which houses a jacking screw to raise or lower the landing to the required height/level, which means no need to shim.
Raise or lower precast landings without shimming using Invisible Connections TSS 101 JCK and RVK 101 JCK telescopic connectors.

New TSS 101 JCK and RVK 101 JCK in combination with REDiBOX PRF-JCK. 

New RVK 60P hopper insert
Slim design’ RVK 60P STD and TSS 60P STD stair landing connectors can enable thinner landings and stair thicknesses, resulting in less concrete and less CO2. Where a combination of 60P connectors and other standard (STD) telescopic connectors is appropriate, our new reusable hopper insert ensures different capacity stair landing connectors are cast into landings at the same depth. On landing installation, frame contractors can be confident that equal tolerance is assured, and all telescopic connectors are correctly positioned to align with REDiBOX recess formers cast into core walls at the same level.
Invisible Connections new reusable hopper insert for RVK 60P STD – Precast Concrete Stair Landing Connector

New reusable hopper insert for RVK 60P STD – Precast Concrete Stair Landing Connector.

New REDiBOX variants
Designed to form recesses simply and easily in precast or in situ concrete walls (to receive TSS and RVK telescopic connectors), standard (STD) and pinned (PIN) REDiBOX recess formers are appropriate for most project requirements. However, because our product range continuously evolves to meet our customers’ construction challenges, we’ve developed REDiBOX solutions for more unusual scenarios. These new REDiBOX variants overcome specific issues where pinned connections are necessary. (Pinned stair landing connectors enable robustness requirements to be met where only two walls are available for the connection.)
  • For twin wall applications where the 170mm minimum requirement for REDiBOX PRF PIN cannot be met, the REDiBOX PRF PIN TW (twin wall pinned connector) incorporates rebar which extends horizontally to prevent interference with the rear skin of the twin wall.
  • Where space is limited, such as below an aperture or in a beam, the REDiBOX PRF PIN RH (reduced height pinned connector) accommodates a pinned connection.
  • Where a blemish free concrete finish and a pinned connection is required, the REDiBOX PRF S2P PIN (standard to pin) enables a pinned connection to be made from ‘outside’ the wall.
New wire loop for TSS connectors makes for easier deployment
To provide site operatives with greater flexibility and facilitate faster installation, we’ve redesigned the wire loop on TSS telescopic connectors. Inner tubes can now be easily ejected on site from above or below the landing. Ideal for uncovered fair-faced concrete finishes, TSS connectors leave no blemish on the landing surface.
Invisible Connections range of TSS Precast Concrete Stair Landing Connectors

New wire loop design for the TSS product range aids on-site deployment.

Connect with us, and others, in the concrete supply chain
Precast & Masonry Expo 2024 offers the opportunity to engage with leaders from the industry and meet manufacturers, contractors and suppliers from across the mineral products and precast industries.
We hope to see you there.





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