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DTS Beam Connectors Specification

Traditionally, precast beams are traditionally supported off brackets and corbels which are difficult and costly to form, reduce headroom and compromise architectural clean lines.

The DTS range of telescopic connectors offer a cost-effective and structurally efficient alternative for end loads up to 150kN, making DTS connectors ideal for smaller beams or heavy slabs. These connectors leave a smooth soffit and are also suitable for round columns or skewed angle connections.



DTS connectors are used for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Connecting beams to beams and beams to columns
  • Linking wall units to columns
  • Fixing beams at unusual angles
  • Joining beams to round columns



Owing to simplicity of installation, DTS connectors offer benefits over rolled steel angle (RSA) or corbel connection methods, such as:

  • Improved cost effectiveness
  • Better on site health and safety
  • Enhanced appearance

Product reference

  • [DTS 120] – 120kN capacity
  • [DTS 150] – 150kN capacity


Steel finish

  • Plain.



  • Cord operated to deploy sliding inner tube.
  • Telescopic connector for joining lightweight beam connections or Double Tee floor elements.
  • Ideally suited for installing into continual, vertical elements where the sliding inner can be extended outwards into recesses cast into columns or walls.


Guidance for DTS Connectors

  • As standard.


  • Steel (grade S355, minimum).


Concrete strength class

  • C35/45, minimum.


Reaction to fire

  • Class A1, according to EN 13501-1.

We were thinking how we could give the architect what they wanted: a finished landing with a shadow gap all around. We used the telescopic connection system from Invisible Connections, which made it a lot easier, both to install the wall recesses and to install the stairs.

Ali Solki, Project Engineer, A J Morrisroe 
Ali Solki, Project Engineer, A J Morrisroe

Telescopic connectors provide us numerous advantages for precast stair installation. Apart from improved time and efficiency, the health and safety gains over traditional support methods are a key driver to satisfy our own needs, as well as those of our clients.

Shane Dunleavy, Project Manager, Morrisroe 
Shane Dunleavy, Project Manager, Morrisroe

I’ve used your services on my last three projects (telescopic connectors for precast and continuity strip for in-situ). You’re very good at accommodating site demands for lead-in times and value competitiveness. Very happy with the service I’ve received on all three projects and hope this relationship will continue on future developments.

Paul Dean, Project Manager (Qcf), JP Dunn Construction Ltd 
Paul Dean, Project Manager (Qcf), JP Dunn Construction Ltd

As specialists in precast concrete car park construction, we use telescopic connectors for many key applications. Particularly, the BSF system helps us to construct a ‘modern’ frame without cumbersome corbel supports and enables rapid assembly on site. The technical back-up provided by Invisible Connections provides us with added reassurance.

Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd 
Peter Crofts, Precast Design Manager, SCC Design Build Ltd





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