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Hidden strengths

Occasional news from Invisible Connections

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Our latest study (July 2019) compares the costs of rolled steel angles (RSAs) against our RVK 101 telescopic connectors to support precast concrete stair landings off core walls. When the costs of materials and labour were calculated, findings show telescopic connectors offer:

  • An 80% reduction in man hours, which contributes to a total 33% reduction in direct costs compared to using RSAs.
  • Robustness anchorage is inherent to design layout, with no need for costly supplementary measures (typically required with RSAs).

Other benefits of using telescopic connectors instead of RSAs include:

  • Reduced waste, cranage and noise.
  • Increased safety, speed and efficiency.

When using telescopic connectors to install precast concrete staircases, the benefits are obvious. The connections are not.

Download the full study here.

Invisible Connections supplies the concrete construction industry with ‘unseen’ telescopic connection systems for stairs, landings, beams and columns, as well as reinforcement continuity systems to application requirements. All our products are designed to meet and exceed industry demands for improved safety and construction efficiency, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness.